Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh what a tangled web Kay weaves when first she attempts to deceive.

Kay is now facing teaparty rallies outside her offices for her bonkers vote against the GOP's efforts to slow down the government take over of our health care system...

She is also caught fibbing, and Rick's peeps are nailing her for it...

Bloggers all over the web are picking up on Kay's mess up, and they are not buying her explanations. For example the Angry White Dude sez that Kay is a portrait of a RINO (link). Excerpt follows...

Last summer, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson met with the leaders of the Dallas Tea Party in her Dallas office after a Tea Party event was held to demand she vote against ObamaCare. To open the meeting, she asked “why do they call me Kay Bailout?” Gee Kay, I don’t know…maybe because you voted for the bailout? Kay Bailey Hutchinson is a true RINO. To round out her credentials for public service she is also not very bright either! Hutchinson is running for Governor against incumbent Rick Perry. Perry is also a RINO who moves far to the right during election season.

This week, RINO Kay voted with fellow RINO sisters Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins for cloture to a Republican filibuster to slow down the Senate’s version of ObamaCare. Snowe and Collins are not good company for anyone proclaiming themselves a conservative. Kay Bailout’s vote will ensure a third term for Perry.

Robbie Cooper of Urban Grounds may or may not also be an angry white guy, and his take is basically the same (link)...

KBH’s campaign for governor of Texas — the campaign where she’s desperately trying to convince Texans (and likely herself, too) that’s she the “real Conservative” in the race — took a major step towards guaranteeing that Gov. Rick Perry wins a third term as our state’s chief executive.


I don’t believe Kay has a prayer in hell of beating Rick in the March primary — my only fear is that the lying wench won’t honor her (worthless) word and actually retire from the Senate.

Ramparts 360 calls Kay a "cooperative Republican" for siding with Harry Reid (link). They even posted Kay's campaign phone number, but I won't repeat that here because I have worked on campaigns and know how a bunch of calls from angry people can basically shut down productive work...

The comment section at Hot Air has several blogs about Kay's misvote (link). Raging Elephants expresses outrage (link). Free Republic is blowing up (link). RealWomenDo blogs that Kay is basically a traitor (link). The tea partiers are all over this (link). Excerpt follows...

What do Republicans Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Kay Bailey Hutchison have in common with the Democratic party? Well they seem determined to undermine the GOP, the values of the GOP, and our tax debt dollars. Sadly these THREE women want to CALL themselves Republicans. They seem to want to support the values and ideas of the Democrats. I admit to being very eclectic but not where action is concerned. So goes your actions, so goes your ideals.

Kay Bailey Hutchison wants to be Governor of Texas. She claims conservative values. The GOP attempted a filibuster on a military spending bill with about 1800 earmarks, costing roughly $4.2 BILLION. The $626 BILLION dollar bill was passed in the middle of the night. Why are we passing anything in the middle of the night? Kay Bailey Hutchison made an argument for the filibuster and then one hour later joined 60 Democrats and 2 fellow Republican women to pass this legislation.

I am not certain which bothers me the most, but let me EXPLAIN WHY THIS ACTION IS ABSURD.


So Kay Bailey Hutchison now wants to be Governor of the State of Texas. Let me remind you of the values of the Republican party, and Texans in particular. Stewardship over tax dollars, honesty, no flip-flopping, and real conservatives. A conservative means being careful with money. If care had been taken over our money, there would be no ludicrous PORK and EARMARKS. There would not be a 12 TRILLION dollar debt. Few Republicans have seemed to care about debt as well.
Kay, you are NOT representing ME, a fellow Texan who is a conservative. You betrayed ME Friday and now I MUST ask fellow Texans at this critical time in history, who is Kay Bailey Hutchison? What does this woman stand for? I can hear the excuses coming. But we all know the truth. Kay Bailey Hutchison CHOSE to stand, NOT with her party (the GOP), but the DEMOCRATS. All those ads you have had on TV declaring how you fight for Texas principles, and how conservative your actions have been, there MUST be a disclaimer somewhere in tiny writing.

I ask fellow Texans to NOT support her as Governor or Senator. She simply has NO place in government when she chooses to undermine principle.

Action speak louder than words. When we needed Kay Bailey Hutchison at a critical moment in history, she chose to serve the Obama administration.

Texas needs and deserves a Governor who will stand for our values. Wannabe’s should NOT apply!

This does not even include the twitter traffic on this. Just do a few searches about this, and you will see that there is outrage all over, and Kay's attempted reasoning is not being eaten up by anyone at all.

What a tangled web she weaves... they say the cover up is always worse than the crime. I disagree. The actual vote was what was bad, but her explanations have ranged from "that's a stretch" to "that's just plain untruthful"...



  2. Make your Primary vote count. Vote for Debra Medina, the only Republican who can beat Bill White.

  3. yes! Medina knows that 9/11 was an inside job! she will speak the truth about Ron Paul and the traitors from the GOP trying to implant the chips in us! let Debra debate!!!


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