Monday, March 7, 2011

Utah senator Mike Lee endorses Ted Cruz...

Both were former law clerks and both are young... Mike Lee is a new senator from Utah, and he is endorsing his friend Ted Cruz (link). Excerpt follows...
Senator Mike Lee is throwing his support in the Texas US Senate race to Ted Cruz. In this US Senate race, Cruz is up against another Tea Party favorite, Michael Williams.
Lee is one of just four members of the Senate Tea Party Caucus and is already becoming one of the popular republicans in the Senate. He has made a name for himself after defeating establishment incumbent Bob Bennett for the senate seat with the backing of the Tea Party. 
There are already a few high profile endorsements in this race from peeps like George H.W. Bush... which don't necessarily mean much to Texas Republican primary voters if recent history is any indication... I think the only endorsement that really did much in the Rick vs. Kay match up was the Palin endorsement of Rick...

Dick Cheney's endorsement of Kay... the Bushes endorsing Kay... Karl Rove and Karen Hughes working for Kay... none of that especially mattered...

Mike Lee is a new senator but he is known for being a tea party guy who took down an establishment incumbent... I think this endorsement might mean more if it were more ideological or philosophical and if the race were more black and white between two prominent politicians rather than just a buddy from a Supreme Court clerkship endorsing another drinking buddy from Washington.

Where is Ron Paul? Where is Jim DeMint?

Where is Rick?

Where is Sarah Palin?

What about Big John Cornyn and Kay?

It will be interesting to see if they stay completely neutral the whole time or if some of these prominent peeps tip off the candidate they support even just subtly...

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  1. RickvsKay, I think Gov. Perry is too busy with the budget shortfall situation that he won't be able to make an endorsement for any candidate in the GOP primary for KBH's Senate seat.


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