Friday, January 28, 2011

Kay thinks the blogs are depressing....

Do you read On the South Steps? It is a lot better than Rick vs. Kay... much funnier and just as informative... and he is a better writer... probably younger than I am so he has more energy and humor than this old cynical hack...

I like it for Texas knowledge.

You should too... I think he's a Rick insider, but what business do I have speculating on that after all the hilarious speculation about my identity... for the last time I am not Ted Delisi... lol...

I read over there at South Steps about Kay's admission that she reads blogs (link). Excerpt follows...

In explaining herself and her loss in the primary, she made a mistake.  She gave credence to blogs, saying
“I read the blogs and it’s sort of depressing.”

Why empower people like me by insinuating that we have any sort of credibility or clout when it comes to elected officials?  It makes us produce more content with even harsher words for those we talk about.  KBH has admitted that she reads blogs.  In a time when most state and federal offices still print morning clips from major daily newspapers, this admission suggests that she takes extra time out of her day to peruse obscure blogs and that the only thing she heard about online is that she’s a liberal who should garner no votes in a contest versus Perry.

Even long after the campaign, I had Kay staffers using their official federal computers to leave nasty comments here about how they are going to find out who I am and take me down...  her dream team of non Texan staffers were too worried about blogs and not worried enough about the bailout queen's penchant for defending her spending... what was it she said... her earmarking should be "celebrated by all Texans"... what an out of touch thing to say... meanwhile Rick and his peeps basically couldn't stray from the bailout broken record... and it worked for them... every day was another earmark or bailout video from Rick's peeps... while Kay tried painting Rick in 30 different negative lights... some of which were actually positives for Rick... see secession and tea party enthusiasm videos they tried using against him for a good example of that...

Kay was out of touch and she remains out of touch... thankfully for her sake she is not running for senate again...


  1. On the South Steps   --   Added to my rss reader, thanks!
    ... thankfully for her sake she is not running for senate again...
       When I sees it, I'll believe it!   How many times has Beltway Kay broken her word now?   I've lost count?

  2. And you wonder why KBH got her you-know-what handed to her by Perry in last year's GOP gubernatorial primary.

    Thank god she's not running for the Senate again.

  3. RickvsKay, I think it's time for Ron Paul to retire I mean the man has been running for President how many times and is unsuccessful, and now rumors are he could run for the Senate ?

    77 years old, he's like Mubarak.


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