Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aaron Peña tries to make Democrats in Texas have a come to Jesus moment...

Yes Democrats these days mostly don't believe in the divinity of Jesus... but Aaron Peña is trying to make his party come to terms with their losses... which he believes are not short term but part of a long walk in the wilderness (link). Excerpt follows...

EDINBURG, Dec. 5 - State Rep. Aaron Peña says the dream that sweeping demographic changes in Texas will somehow come to the rescue of the State Democratic Party is an illusion.

The Edinburg Democrat says a growing percentage of Hispanics are shifting over to the Republican Party in part because his party no longer reflects their values. And, he predicts his party faces decades in the political wilderness in Texas.

“The Democratic Party in Texas has got decades of rebuilding to do. Their dream of demographic salvation is an illusion,” Peña said, in an in-depth interview with the Guardian about his party’s rout at the Nov. 2 general election.

Go read that entire interview.... it is filled with interesting nuggets... Aaron Peña was challenged in a primary for not being liberal enough but he prevailed... he alludes to that... he also alludes to the consultants who run the Democratic party being the main problem. I wonder if he is talking about Matt Angle at all...

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