Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rick wins Texan of the Year... from his nemesis the Dallas Morning News...

Rick takes first place in the Dallas newspaper's Texan of the Year ranking (link). Excerpt follows...

           "A Texan (or Texans) who has had uncommon impact; who exemplifies Texas traits of trailblazing, independence and staring down adversity; and who has affected or influenced lives.
"Recognition is for impact – positive or negative – made over the past year."
1. Rick Perry: Texas governor still unbeaten
2. Ron Washington: Underdog Texas Rangers manager
3. Kelly Siegler: Prosecutor behind death row exoneration
4. Ed Whitacre: Leader of GM turnaround
5. Border heroes: Volunteers who brave Juárez's violence
6. Greg Hall: Key to Chilean mine rescue
7. Dick Armey: Tea party's master tactician
8. Jennifer Smith: Crusader against distracted driving
9. Amy Chyao: Phenom science student
10. Joel Burns: Fort Worth City Council member
2009: The heroes of Fort Hood
2008: Craig Watkins
2 007: The Illegal Immigrant
2006 : Roy Velez
2005: Houston
2004: Karl Rove
2003: George W. Bush

Look at some of those cop outs they have had in the past... Houston for example...

Do you think Rick knows about this "honor" or even cares?

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