Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prominent Kay supporter supports Ken Paxton over Joe Straus...

Denise McNamara who was anti Rick throughout the primary and remained very quiet in the general election is back... and she seems to be on the other side of it this time... Last time she was for the more moderate Kay... this time she is against the more moderate Joe Straus (link). Excerpt follows...

Media types, Democrats, and some Republicans are playing the religion card in the Speaker’s race. This election has nothing to do with religion; it has everything to do with policy. And with leadership.
Speaker Straus did have a Republican majority last session. Yes, it was a slim majority, but he had one nevertheless. That is a fact. Despite that, major legislation, such as Voter ID, was killed under his watch. That is a fact. Democrats chaired too many committees. Another fact.
Each session the Members should choose, from within the GOP Caucus, the most capable and qualified candidate for Speaker. That candidate this time around is Ken Paxton. His resume, professionalism, and competence, as well as his courage, make him the best choice.
Joe Straus had the backing of only 11 Republicans last session (notwithstanding the tradition of unanimous election of the obvious winner); he was not the GOP’s candidate. He should not be their choice this time. 

As the speakers race continues it is interesting to see some of the Rick vs. Kay alliances break down... which kind of shows that for some peeps politics is more about personalities and loyalties than issues or principles...

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  1. So the KBH supporters are still BITTER about what happened to them on March 2nd ?


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