Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comparing and contrasting... Rick and Kay on health care...

Yesterday the Dallas Morning News published an article about Kay's abysmal record on health care (link). Today they did an article on Rick's health care record (link), and it is a huge contrast. Excerpt follows...

In 2002, 65 percent of children were immunized, but that reached 77 percent last year, with much of the growth occurring after Perry signed an executive order prompting the state health agency to improve.

Two of the other areas Perry has stressed in health care achievements were the $250,000 cap placed on medical malpractice lawsuits, making it impractical for lawyers to pursue most lawsuits against doctors.

This achievement was one of the primary reasons cited by the political arm of the Texas Medical Association when it endorsed Perry's re-election last month.

Perry has cited the lawsuit caps as a national model, pointing to the 27 percent cut in malpractice premiums that doctors pay and the 57 percent increase in doctors applying for a Texas medical license.

The article is filled with liberal attacks against Rick. Compare that to Kay's article, which informed readers about how she has been for growing the government's role in healthcare but only inconsistently...

Rick is a real conservative Republican on health care... this much is abundantly obvious.

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  1. Kay Bailey is a filthy liar. Her campaign blog, the Come and Take it Blog, is even worse.


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