Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wild developments...

Some wild developments since I have been up here. Kay filed officially. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility actually endorsed Rick which came as a surprise to me. Bill White decided to run for governor... I told you so on that one...

Getting caught up now.

Anyone seeing or hearing the commercials? I don't see them up here, and there is almost no news about Rick and Kay. What have I been missing?

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  1. Kay is really, really pushing the "I'm a Conservative, dammit. Why don't people believe me?" theme on her commercials...really going overboard trying to convince people that she's the real Conservative in this race.

    Me thinks the lady does protest too much.

    She's about as Conservative as Arlen Specter, and about as loyal to true Conservativsm and the GOP as Arlen was, too.


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