Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kay doesn't believe the polls, says it is dead even...

Kay has responded to Rick's campaign manager's "leak" of Rick's recent poll (link)... and she is saying she doesn't believe the polls (link). Excerpt follows...

AUSTIN, Texas — U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says she's in a "dead even" Republican primary race against Gov. Rick Perry.

Appearing at an Austin news conference about transportation issues Wednesday, Hutchison discounted widely leaked poll results from Perry pollster Mike Baselice.

The results, contained in an internal Perry campaign memo circulating on blogs and among political operatives, show Perry winning 49-36 against Hutchison, with 10 percent undecided and 5 percent going for another GOP contender, libertarian-leaning Debra Medina.

Hutchison said the campaign is a "horse race" and that people are just beginning to tune in.

Kay may have a good point... it actually may be true that people are just beginning to tune in...

I also think that Kay has to know that she is down and down by a good margin as it stands now. Knowing that I think Kay knows it is time to go negative. She has been running what could be considered positive advertisements for a month now, so that is the traditional time to go negative... maybe after one last week of positive ads to start the New Year...

The only thing about Rick's internal poll being leaked is that there is no reason for anyone to believe it... other than the fact that it is very close to the latest polls which are public and have no affiliation to either campaign...

In the Texas Tribune, Rick is up on Kay by 12 (42-30), but Medina scores all the way up to 7% (link).

In Rasmussen, Rick is up on Kay by 11 (46-35) with Medina at 4% (link).

In Rick's "leaked" internal poll, Rick has 49%, Kay has 36%, and Medina has 5%.

They all seem pretty consistent...

If Kay has done polling of her own maybe she should leak it strategically to the press in the same way that Rick's campaign manager did.


  1. Kay also didn't believe the consituents who told her "two thousand to twelve" NOT to vote for the bailout. Kay believes Kay. Nobody else!

  2. Isn't it interesting that this 'poll' places Debra Medina at 5% - just under the 6% required to participate in the KERA debates...

    The latest true poll in November placed Debra Medina at 7%. Seeing how that, of the people who actually know about Debra, she recieves over 50% of the votes. And seeing how she has been campaigning like crazy since then on the road and airwaves, getting her name out to MORE people - doesn't it seem logical that her polling numbers should be going up!? At least just a little bit?

    I think so...

    Liberty in Texas,
    Anthony J. Reed

  3. Rick Perry is going to cream KBH. It's just a matter of the margin at this point. Medina's fans are more like a tiny cult. Very active and very ardent, but negligible and probably hurtful toward their own cause in the end.


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