Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rick and Kay use 12 Days of Christmas to attack...

Isn't Christmas sort of sacred? I guess not when it comes to attacks using web videos.

Rick unveiled the 12 days of flip flops and Kay fired back with the 12 days of cronyism.

The differences in the relevance and quality between these videos is staggering. Rick's are on point and on issue. Kay's are far more personal and don't really make any relevant point. Rick's are clearly not produced by a professional but they are solid whereas Kay's look like a 7th grader made them...





Great hits from Rick's peeps. Terrible and possibly even counterproductive hits from Kay's peeps. Who cares if some guy asked Rick a question about campaign fundraising in 2002? That is just stupid and makes Kay's peeps look petty for bringing it up.

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  1. the story of her campaign: "makes Kay's peeps look petty for bringing it up

    why do we need a primary again? is the DGA paying her?


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