Monday, December 14, 2009

Texas Observer on Kay's "tendency to overstate her importance in Washington and exaggerate her accomplishments for Texas"

I finally saw Kay's new TV ad this weekend when I was visiting my brother and watching some football. The main thing I noticed was that she took credit for jamming cell phone signals in prisons... if I recall correctly she missed the vote on this which was her own bill...

Worse than missing the vote on her own bill, why would you want to run your campaign on that? I guess she thinks it makes her look "tough."

Burka and others have ripped Kay's TV ads to shreds, but more people are panning Kay's television ads... the Texas Observer explains why Kay is not winning people over (link). Excerpt follows...
Hutchison also comes out looking like a politician desperate for conversative votes. The ad ends with an image of Hutchison speaking in front of an approving-looking Dick Cheney. Even in Texas, the wisdom of having Cheney be the face of your campaign, not a year after he left office with an approval rating nearly as bad as Osama's, is questionable at the very least. But if there's anything that Hutchison's early mass-media efforts have told us, it's that she aims to compete for consevative votes rather than relying too heavily on firing up moderates and hoping to lure some non-Republicans to the polls. Hutchison is going toe-to-toe with Perry. And these two commercials illustrate one of the main reasons why she's falling short so far: She doesn't know how.
I fully expect her to have some good ads at some point. Kay just simply has too much money not to run a sharp ad or two... right now based on conversations with non political junkies who have seen the commercials I wouldn't be surprised if her first ad had a negative impact on her public perception and the second ad is probably only a slight plus.

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