Friday, April 30, 2010

Defending Kay from Politifarce...

Politifarce is at it again... this time slamming Kay for this statement...

Says the American public “overwhelmingly opposed” Democratic-steered health care plan.

They rated Kay as half true (link). Excerpt follows...

In February, it found Mostly True a statement by Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Arizona, that 75 percent of the American people “have said either don't do anything (on health care) or start over.” And in March, rated as Half True Democratic U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth's statement that polling showed almost 40 percent of Americans opposed the health-care plan because they didn’t think it went far enough.

Responding to our inquiry, Hutchison spokesman Jeff Sadosky told us that from late April 2009 to late April this year, telephone calls and letters mostly sent by Texans to the senior Texas senator ran heavily against “Obama’s health care” approach. More than 18,100 callers were opposed while 4,830 were in favor; about 75 percent of more than 350,000 letters that Hutchison received were against the reform, Sadosky said.


Certainly, many Texans clamored against approval. And national polls show more Americans opposed the action than supported it.

But Hutchison overreaches by calling that opposition overwhelming.

Opposition was overwhelming to Obamacare... Politicrap spinning it some other way is liberal spin and nothing else. Kay was 110% correct in her assertion that this was passed despite overwhelming opposition.

Politifact Texas is a perfect example of why Americans do not trust the large, antiquated news institutions... they have a blatant agenda that is rejected by an overwhelming number of Americans... check that statement out, Politifarce.

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