Thursday, April 29, 2010

Politifarce strikes again...

Chalk this up again as them using semantics and being too literal (link). Politifact gave Rick a "half true" rating for this claim...

"We've got a 1,000 National Guard troop request that's been in front of this president for over a year and no response."

Politicalpinion strikes again...

Rick obviously didn't literally mean no response. He meant no responsive response. Or barely a response. You ask your teenager how school is going, and he will mumble "okay" and avoid eye contact and walk away. That is technically a "response" but it's not a real response as I can attest.

Or imagine your teenager is applying to colleges. He gets a letter back in the mail with one or two sentences basically saying "thanks, we received your application." That is not a response. It didn't say whether he got in, whether he was rejected, or anything.

That is what is going on here... Rick asked for troops, and there was no response one way or the other... just a veritable mumbling and avoidance of eye contact from the Obama administration including Janet Napolitano.

By their own admission, that is the case in this situation. Rick asked for 1000 national guard troops over a year ago... the Obama administration has not said yes, not said no... and barely acknowledged the request by Politicrap's own reporting...

Calling something "half true" is a big deal and shapes the debate among policy makers. Rick's statement was completely true despite what this shoddy organization says.

Bottom line... does this kind of gotcha politifacting help inform the public? The actual writing might do that... maybe... but the judgment call of whether it is half true, barely true, pants on fire, false, mostly true, or true is just editorializing disguised as important journalism. Most people these days just read headlines, and Politifact's headlines are incredibly misleading and often just completely wrong.

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  1. Politi"facts", MSNBC, CNN, Dallas Morning News, Ft. Star Telegram, etc. etc. are the EXACT reasons why young Americans (me in particular) do not even watch the news, read newspapers, etc.
    In my media and politics class we discuss, basically, that the media sucks and there is no such thing as journalism. Maybe their tanking ratings and newspaper sales plummeting will show those idiots that they are not doing their job. I certainly won't give credit to any other those previously listed, as well as many others!

    I'd much rather hear Rick Perry's words and accept them as fact, rather than listen to what some bias, piece of junk "reporter" says!


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