Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ken Herman's take on Kay's non resignation...

Ken Herman asks whether anyone has ever looked worse doing the right thing (link). Excerpt follows...

Now let's get to how bad she looked announcing the decision in a cramped meeting room at a San Antonio airport private terminal, an event she acknowledged as "a time and place which I know may have not been convenient for everyone."

"I think everyone pretty much knows that I intended to leave the Senate," Hutchison noted.

But, she added, "something has happened in our country that maybe none of us could have anticipated." The "something," she told us, includes "massive debt," "a health care reform bill that doesn't reform health care" and "very high unemployment."

"It has caused me to look at my resignation in a different way, and it has made an impact on my decision," she said.

In fact, it completely changed her decision.

"I think my experience will be better used fighting this effort of the president and Congress to do so much that is really taking away the essence of America in my opinion," she said.

Wow, how heroic.

But really, senator, we didn't need anything more than what you should have been saying all along, something along the more modest lines of "Y'all elected me to do a job and I shall complete it."

And while we're harping on duty to those who brung you, would the senator's important schedule have been terribly disrupted if she would have hung around to answer a question or two (including perhaps whether there's a chance she'll seek re-election in 2012)?

Ken Herman also videoed the press conference and the lack of questions...

Why is Kay so inept at this stuff? This video reminds me a lot of her campaign. Very top down... very her projecting out to people but not listening back... very sheltered and shielded to the point of exhibiting paranoia about outsiders...

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  1. Said she decided not to resign before the primary so she could stay in Washington and fight HCR and she will continue to fight equally as hard for Texas and the Union as she did to stop it.


    "Dropkick me, Jesus, through the goalposts of life. End over end, neither left nor to right. Straight through the heart of them righteous up-rights. Dropkick me, Jesus, through the goal-posts of life."


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