Friday, April 30, 2010

Liberal Obama Supporting Former Republicans for Bill White...

Gromer Jeffers found just about every Republican in Texas who plans to vote for the pro Obamacare/pro cap and trade/pro sanctuary city/anti 2nd amendment liberal trial lawyer and former chairman of the Texas Democrat party Bill White, and he put them all into his story about how Bill White is seeking Republicans (link). Excerpt follows...

Mark Smith, the former chairman of Hutchison's youth coalition in Dallas, said he plans to vote for every Republican on the November ballot, except for Perry.

Smith says he likes White's emphasis on improving education. He has criticized the governor about the state's dropout rate and recent curriculum changes approved by the State Board of Education.

"White has Texas in his heart," Smith said. "He puts people before politics."

Ultimately, White could encounter the same problem that faced Perry's primary rivals. Many Texans believe the state's on the right path and see no need to change leadership. More than half of registered voters in a Dallas Morning News poll taken in February said the state was on the right track, a rare finding during a recession.

Mark Smith. I did a quick google search or two. On his Facebook page he praises Charlie Crist for leaving the Republican party saying he puts people before politics.... where have we heard that before?

He is a member of "Students for Barack Obama" and lists Bill White, Obama, and Kay Bailey Hutchison among his politicians he supports... his favorite books include Obama's books... he also lists himself as a supporter of Dr. Elba Garcia, a Democrat candidate for Dallas County Commissioner... plus Clay Jenkins who is a Democrat running for Dallas County Judge... and he also lists the "Progressive Center of Texas" as one of his employers...

What is the Progressive Center of Texas you ask? It is a pro Obama liberal community organizing group...
The Progressive Center of Texas is a spin-off of ObamaDallas. Our mission is to be your activist community center for North Texas.
Yeah sure Gromer this guy sounds like a real Republican... good job mentioning any of this in your story you fraud... this is scandalously bad reporting. I wonder if anyone will take him to task for this?

I wonder when he will write a story about how Democrats are jumping ship and becoming Republicans... or how even rank and file Texas Democrats agree with Rick over Bill White on the big issues of our time... nah... won't happen...

Jason Embry also devoted blog space to Charles England's endorsement of Bill White (link). Excerpt follows...

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White will announce today that he’s picked up the endorsement of Charles England, the mayor of Grand Prairie.

England is a self-described Republican. His son Kirk was elected to the Texas House in 2006 as a Republican, but he switched to the Democratic Party in 2007. When the switch was announced, Charles England supported his son and criticized the state’s GOP leadership.

In a press release issued this morning, England said, “We need Bill White as our next governor because he will run the state with taxpayers and their wallets in mind.He’s proved that he knows how to squeeze the value out of a dollar with fiscally disciplined budgets.”

Charles England has been bashing Republicans for years. His son Kirk was a turncoat who bailed on the GOP and went over to the liberals when he felt things got heated and it looked like Republicans were on the outs.

These people are rare cases which is why I guess they are even newsworthy... there just aren't that many of them. 90% or more of active Republicans will back Rick. 90% or more of active Democrats will back Bill White. That alone gives Rick a win especially considering Republicans are more charged up...

Throw in the independents who are leaning to the Republicans strongly right now and it is going to take a lot more than a few "Youth for Kay" peeps nobody has ever heard of or former Republicans turned Democrat to deliver a win for the guy who was in the Clinton administration and left Houston in a giant budget hole due to his overspending and lack of management skills.

Again... I eagerly await the story that Gromer Jeffers will write about the Obama voters who are criticizing Obama and their party and jumping over to vote for Republicans in the fall... I know they are out there. A lot of them are my colleagues... they held out for a while, but the spell that Obama had over them has been snapped, and many of them are more conservative than ever before.

What a sham journalism has become. Shame on Gromer Jeffers... agenda journalism at its worst...


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