Monday, April 5, 2010

Kay to help out Rick? Maybe, maybe not.

Since the election, Rick has been going out of his way to say nice things about Kay, even going so far as to say that she should stay in Washington and finish her term... is she reciprocating?

Peggy Fikac thinks not (link). Excerpt follows...

“Sure. We're on the team. We just had an intramural scrimmage, and we got that over with,” Perry said.

Hutchison urged her supporters to unite behind Perry when she conceded her race against him. But based on her GOP primary campaign, what could her pro-Perry stump speech say? That Perry's an ethically challenged crony pleaser who's been in office too long, but still better than Democrat Bill White?

Her office isn't making any promises: “I don't think we're even thinking about fall campaigning right now. Politics doesn't come into focus at this point at all. She's focused right now on doing her job in the Senate, because it is intense up there,” said Hutchison spokeswoman Lisette Mondello.

Political scientist Jerry Polinard of the University of Texas-Pan American noted it would be the political norm for Hutchison to campaign for Perry: “During the primary campaign, your opponent has three sixes behind their ear,” he said. “But after it's over, it's time for a group hug.”

This is a really weird situation... usually the loser has to grovel and beg for forgiveness and suck up to the winner... but in this case the loser Kay is acting a little like a sore loser.

Kay should get wise and start playing nicer... and Rick might want to tone down his overtures toward Kay until she starts playing ball...

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