Wednesday, March 3, 2010

40 most important moments of Rick vs. Kay... and Debra...

In no particular order... I am just dashing these out...
  1. Rick rejects unemployment insurance money, Kay criticizes him for it.
  2. In December Kay votes with Democrats to end the Republican filibuster of the government take over of health care.
  3. Kay's peeps caught inserting hidden malicious keywords about Rick on her new web site a web site that never saw the light of day because it was banned by google, yahoo, and other search engines for the unethical practice.
  4. Rick gets #1 billing on Drudge for HCR50.
  5. Rick gets #1 billing on Drudge for secession comments.
  6. Medina bombs out with her September 11th Truther comments on Glenn Beck.
  7. Kay misses vote after vote including some important votes that Republicans care about... ACORN for example.
  8. Kay dithers and flip flops on whether to resign, then doesn't resign showing she may not be serious about her race.
  9. Rick raises 1.38 million dollars in a one day money cannon.
  10. Rick raises almost as much in 8 days in June as Kay raises in the entire first six months of 2009.
  11. Kay draws a couple dozen peeps for her official campaign kick off tour in "La Markee."
  12. Kay is hounded by Rick's YCT allies and others on her campaign kick off tour causing her to be more secretive about her events which probably contributes to 12 peeps showing up at some of her events.
  13. Cameron Willingham dominates news, distracting Rick's campaign and preventing Rick from pulling away earlier.
  14. Palin Stumps for Rick in Houston in early 2010.
  15. Palin endorses Rick in a letter to Republicans in early 2009.
  16. Kay fumbles the abortion issue in two separate debates... videos come out of Kay fumbling the abortion issue in old debates. Why couldn't she figure out how to answer that question?
  17. Polls show Medina within striking distance of Kay for second place.
  18. Dick Cheney does event for Kay, however underwhelming the event looks on television.
  19. Rick gets nearly every endorsement from every Texas group out there including the Texas Association of Business, the Texas Medical Association, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, the National Rifle Association and Texas State Rifle Association, every pro-life group, two-thirds of the state's SREC and most of the former state chairmen, Citizens Against Government Waste, the Minutemen, the Realtors, and about 50 Austin groups you have never heard of.
  20. Kay gets the Farm Bureau endorsement.
  21. George H. W. Bush endorses Kay.
  22. Ron Paul writes a letter for Debra Medina coming just shy of endorsing her but hinting at his support for her.
  23. Where were all of the state reps and state senators Kay was going to roll out after session ended? Their conspicuous absence was a pretty big deal.
  24. Rick and his peeps dominate social networking... until Medina comes along... but Rick makes it part of his day to day life with the pictures of puppies and his work outs and things... his text messages are better than Kay's... he ends up with far more Facebook fans, twitter followers.
  25. Kay's peeps work hard and overtly to get Medina into the first debate, thinking it will hurt Rick.
  26. Medina does well in the first debate, doesn't look crazy. Earns ticket to second debate. Does well. Siphons off votes from Kay more than Rick.
  27. Rick does zero paid phones or glossy mail pieces... Kay does a blitz of both costing probably into the millions right at the end when television would have been more effective.
  28. Rick sues the EPA with Greg Abbott and Todd Staples.
  29. Rick wins basically every county and every demographic... Rick gets far more votes than Bill White in Houston.
  30. Rick or Kay video from the Texas Republican Women event made by the Austin American Statesman's Ken Herman shows Rick dominating what should be Kay's peeps.
  31. Rick becomes a tea party favorite on April 15 and July 4 separate from the secession thing.
  32. Kay votes for the bailout a day after saying she wouldn't give a blank check for 700 billion dollars to anyone even Ronald Reagan.
  33. Mark Sanford loses it, effectively making Rick lose one of his governor allies with whom he often shared op eds and policy initiatives.
  34. Rick makes Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity honorary Texans and both... and a lot of other major talk radio guys... quasi endorse him or all out endorse him and talk him up.
  35. Rick gets major bloggers and new media peeps like Andrew Breitbart, Erick Erickson, Glenn Reynolds and other smaller bloggers either on his team or to at least say nice things every now and then about him and not as nice things about Kay.
  36. Kay hires a Washington Dream Team and pays them Washington wages while Rick hires more scrappy Texans and pays them Texas wages.
  37. Kay gets every single newspaper endorsement and actually uses her news endorsements in her television ads... Rick decides to specifically reject the endorsements and not even sit for the editorial board meetings.
  38. Rick does some kind of secret hidden Hispanic out reach clearly that we all missed... more than just having a Spanish language version of his web site... he had to have done something to dominate Kay and Medina so much in South Texas areas.
  39. Kay wears a jacket vest thing in a barn in one of her final television ads. Rick wears a Carhartt jacket in his final commercial. He looks more genuine.
  40. 100 times better than in almost every way. Better videos. Better, more readable information... even the web site name itself helps to define Kay as non Texan while just sounds like a personal attack. Kay's anti Rick site has good graphics and features but Rick's anti Kay site has better information.
I'll add more and refine these later. I think I need to figure out what comes next for this blog... I think I can keep it up for a while and do recap stories and retrospectives... then I am not sure Rick versus Bill White warrants the same interest. I started this blog because I cared a lot about the Republican primary. Whichever candidate won last night is the winner in November barring some dead underage prostitute found at the governor's mansion...


  1. Much thanks to you for all the work you've put into the 'Rick vs. Kay' blog over these many months.   'Rick vs. Kay' has provided important info regarding the issues, insight, and plenty of entertaintment, especially those 'anonymous' posts.   :)

  2. lol at 27. Riiiigggghhhhttt

  3. Thanks to you for doing all your hard work which you've put into the 'Rick vs. Kay' blog over these many months.

    student of Canadian college

  4. How do you know #27? I heard that same thing about no phones or direct mail. Where did that rumor originate? Is it really true? How would we check up on that?


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