Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Ten Races Within The Race... Why Rick Beat Kay... 7 of 10...

7. Washington Kay versus Slick Rick Perry

Rick and Kay both set up "attack" sites against the other side. WashingtonKay was many times better than SlickRickPerry... ironically SlickRickPerry was slicker looking... probably far more expensive with all the customized animation... Washington Kay was less slick but far better in terms of the information and the content that was provided... Kay's campaign treated SlickRickPerry like a platform for their traditional negative press releases. Rick's campaign treated WashingtonKay as something an independent blogger might write... providing unique content... being a little edgy... providing a consistent but not overwhelming flow of information. I still can't get the Earmark Queen out of my head... or the Fergie song they used...

Shame on them for taking those sites down... I understand the need to make amends and all of that but I would love to go back and analyze the sites more... unfortunately both Rick and Kay took down the attack sites... when really they should be archived and preserved for posterity... and academicians... and political practitioners looking for how to and how not to do an attack site...

WIN... Rick 4-1.

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  1. I'm glad Rick v. Kay is still up!


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