Friday, March 12, 2010

Top Ten Races Within The Race... Why Rick Beat Kay... 2 of 10...

2. New guard versus Establishment

Rick is already the longest serving governor in Texas history. He was also the anti establishment candidate. I still don't quite understand how they pulled this off, but it does speak to Kay's strategy backfiring on her. Bringing in Cheney, the elder Bush, Henry Kissinger, and others played right into Rick's strategy of painting Kay as a Washington insider.

Rick however had endorsements every day from some obscure Austin based group like the Podiatrists or the Texas Lumberjacks Association... which underscored that he had been governor for a long time and had all the Texas insider support...

Rick also had incumbency working against him and sometimes acted a little like an arrogant incumbent... in the first debate for example his demeanor was sort of "this is so below me" and the responses from voters reflected that. Kay and Debra Medina both bashed Rick as having cronies and all of that... in many ways those charges stuck.

WIN... Rick 4-3.

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