Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Ten Races Within The Race... Why Rick Beat Kay... 6 of 10...

6. Loyal operatives carefully assembled over the years versus a high powered "Dream Team" cobbled together.

Rick had loyal long time operatives on his side... they had institutional knowledge of Rick. Many of them had institutional knowledge of Kay too having been on her staff years ago.

Kay cobbled together a "Dream Team" type of staff largely from out of state... although they did have a few long time Texans including at least a couple who had worked for Rick in the past. Kay's team did seem to lack certain institutional knowledge... especially Joe Pounder who said certain things about Rick that were just astonishingly hypocritical if he did actually know Kay's record. Either that or he just didn't know Kay's record very well...

It seems to me that Rick's team was hungrier... more full of true believers in a cause... more devoted to defending their turf... while Kay's team seemed more mercenary... brought in for a paycheck and because they were supposedly good at what they did.

Even Rick's young staffers seemed more loyal, better at what they did, and harder working... they weren't all chosen because they were hot ticket peeps... they seemed to be chosen for their Texas connections... for example Rick seemed to hire half of the YCT which is a small but amazingly influential organization in Republican politics... he hired an actual Texas blogger to do his new media stuff... he hired peeps who knew Texas and had relationships with Texans... even Rick's non Texan staffers have worked in Texas for years while Kay hired a bunch of hot shots who came in like they owned the place and quickly lost credibility with actual Texans in the grassroots... in the media... and among bloggers...

WIN... Rick 4-2.

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