Friday, March 12, 2010

Top Ten Races Within The Race... Why Rick Beat Kay... 1 of 10...

1. Conservative versus RINO.

I think it is exceedingly difficult to call Kay a true RINO in the Arlen Specter mode before he switched parties. She has lifetime ratings above 90% conservative from nearly every ranking. That fact makes it fairly incredible that Rick and his peeps successfully painted her as essentially a Republican in name only. That being said Rick and Kay did differ on enough issues to draw distinctions in the minds of voters. Kay started to lose me when she criticized Rick for rejecting federal unemployment insurance stimulus dollars. Kay also broke ranks with nearly all other Republicans and voted for things like the Lilly Ledbetter Act, which only drew a handful of Republican supporters and was Obama's first bill signed into law. Rick was never out flanked on the right, and Kay couldn't quite figure out whether to play to moderates or try to paint herself as to the right of Rick.

At times Kay landed some punches... people across the state were able to recite TTC HPV and all the other acronyms... and some things like Rick's support of Al Gore back in the 1980s or Kay's support from Dick Armey and Dick Cheney as proof that she was the real conservative and he was the pretender... but in the end he enlisted Citizens Against Government Waste to explain how her earmarks were especially bad and it was a pretty dominating effort from Rick over Kay.

WIN... Rick 4-2.

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