Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Ten Races Within The Race... Why Rick Beat Kay... 5 of 10...

5. Texas versus Washington

This has been hashed and rehashed and discussed and rediscussed ad nauseum but Rick's peeps early on noticed that they had something going with the anti Washington message. By the end of the campaign Kay was apparently almost yelling at her own supporters who told her "welcome back to Texas." Part of it was Rick needing to step out from the shell of the fatigue that voters felt against him personally as well as incumbents more generally... and he set to work defining Kay as a creature of Washington while wrapping himself in the flag of Texas almost literally. If you were for Texas you were for Rick... if you were against Rick you were against Texas... if you were for Kay then you were for the way things are done in Washington...

Even the choice of as the name of their attack site branded Kay as Washington... while Rick's final advertisement had a giant Texas flag behind him...

I think you can also look at this from the perspective of Rick's official office in Texas and Kay's official office in Washington... both made mistakes... Rick's office handled the Willingham case poorly and was slow to respond to situations at times... Kay's office was clueless and let her vote with the Democrats to kill the Republican block on health care... they let her miss key votes on things like ACORN... they let her vote with Democrats on confirming Hilda Solis, with Democrats on Obama's big community organizing kick back plan... for bailouts... against earmark reform... she just had a really vulnerable record and her DC office deserves a big part of the blame.

WIN... Rick 4-1.

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