Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Has Kay gotten rich from her husband's bond work on her federal earmarks?

Kay had a pretty damaging article about a possible conflict of interest... she inserts federal pork into bills and her husband later comes in and issues the bonds on those pork projects... possibly enriching the couple personally.

Embry had another big Rick/Kay story buried in his blog this morning (link)...
Yesterday I pointed to a story by Jay Root of the Associated Press exploring whether there are conflicts between Hutchison’s work as a senator and her husband’s work as a bond lawyer for some of the entities that get those projects. Here is a letter that Hutchison wrote by Ray Hutchison to the Senate Ethics Committee in 1995 asking about possible conflicts. And here is the committee’s response. The letters were obtained by Root.
This race is getting a lot more news than it was several months ago... back then I had to fight and struggle just to find a moderately interesting story, now there are multiple stories every day. Embry is usually on top of most of them...

When it comes to this conflict of interest story, I think Kay will benefit because it is hard to explain... and because there is a lot more news happening right now. By pushing debates, Rick's people pushed this story down on the food chain. I wonder if that was an accident, or if it was intentional?

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