Friday, August 7, 2009

Paul Burka sez Kay should not resign...

Paul Burka has been missing over the past couple of weeks, but he appears to be back and caught up (link). So Paul... should Kay resign? Excerpt follows...
The answer is: No, no, and hell no. What is the upside of resigning? The only advantage is that it gives her more time to campaign in Texas. That is worth something. But the upside of staying is far greater. Perry set out to define the race as Texas (him) versus Washington (her). So far, it has worked. But the flow of events has presented Hutchison with an opportunity to separate herself from what is going on in D.C. When the August recess is over, the Senate will be taking up Obama’s two main policy initiatives, the cap-and-trade legislation and health care reform. As a United States senator, she can take the offensive against those bills every day. She can be on TV, on the nightly cable news shows. The moment that she resigns, she loses that platform.
I sort of agree with Paul... she should have resigned a LONG TIME ago if she planned to ever resign. Now it does not really help her much to resign.


  1. You should have titled this "Paul Burka makes no sense most of the time" as a follow-up to your other post.

  2. Kay should resign.

    And then just go away into retirement.


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