Monday, August 3, 2009

Kay's former spokesman versus Rick's former chief of staff...

Peggy Fikac writes about Matt Mackowiak versus Deirdre Delisi (link). Excerpt follows...

Her political engagement is also apparent in social media, where Delisi tweets and re-tweets positive news about Texas and Perry on Twitter; has tweaked U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison; and occasionally engages in a tweet-a-tweet with Matt Mackowiak, a former Hutchison staffer who remains the senator's vocal supporter as she prepares to formally announce against Perry.

“GovPerry's (favorables) are higher than KBH's. That means her plan for running based solely on her popularity is out the window,” said one of Delisi's July tweets. She re-tweeted a Perry staffer's jibe in June to Mackowiak, “It's called retweeting and being on the same message. Might try it sometime.” Delisi added to the Perry staffer, “you go girl!”

She recently drew the ire of Mackowiak, who tweeted, “@ddelisi do you do any real work during business hours or just tweet for Rick Perry?”

Delisi responded: “Apparently some folks don't like that I tweet the positive story of Texas. Too Bad. It's called the First Amendment.”

Mackowiak again: “@ddelisi no — you are spewing political talk instead of spending business hours on critical transportation issues that taxpayers pay you for.”

As Peggy and Jason Embry has both explained, Delisi only makes about 16 thousand a year, and her transportation job is not exactly a 9 to 5 gig. I think if I were Mackowiak, I might not try to antagonize so many people... especially if he truly wants to get a job in Austin or in conservative politics more broadly. Texas is a different animal from Washington, and I am not sure that his strategy of being associated with such a slash and burn mentality is doing his rep any good. I have had people in various fields tell me in unsolicited form and fashion that this guy rubs them the wrong way. On twitter, after he attacked me, 3 people private messaged me to talk trash about the guy.

What I do find intriguing is how in your face Mackowiak has been with anyone who says positive things about Rick or negative things about Kay on the internet. He has turned his fire on me this last several days for example... when I commented about Kay's disastrous search engine gaming "Rick Perry gay" fraud. Her campaign really had egg on her face about that and about her resignation non resignation equivocation fiasco, and also egg on her face from the conservative think tank community for her criticism of Rick on the issue of unemployment insurance.

Mackowiak has gotten into a tiff with me, with Sullivan of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility ("for someone who is supposedly neutral, you haven't said a pro-KBH thing in six months"), with noted national online GOP strategist Patrick Ruffini ("you are completely misinformed"), with twitter character @gravatt about Mackowiak's citation of liberal Democrat Texas state senator Shapleigh's typical Democrat talking point op ed, with twitter character @TexanAgainstDC about Mackowiak possibly being behind another twitter account (irony since Mackowiak is publicly accusing me of being someone I am not), with Rick's press secretary Allison Castle about his anti toll road passion, and with a whole lot of other people in recent days.

I have to say... he might want to read How To Win Friends & Influence People and take some of the advice to heart. I am sure he is just an ambitious kid, but right now he is a train wreck when it comes to the internet. Having so many public spats is not a good career move, unless you actually win those public spats. From what I can tell, he is not winning spats... or clients just yet.

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