Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kay's disjointed messaging...

Kay made a video about Rick's pranks called it the kitchen sink. Rick's peeps turned it around on her.

Now Kay is throwing the kitchen sink at Rick. On the very same day that she renamed her brand of moderate Republicanism as "enlightened" Republicanism and claimed that she wanted to have a big tent for the GOP, she also dispatched her twittering hordes to push the "Rick endorsed Rudy" theme.

Joe Pounder posted a strange YouTube clip on his twitter page of some 1980s looking local news reporter saying that conservatives were baffled by Rick's choice of Rudy in 2010.

Rick Perry continues to baffle conservatives: #rickperry #perryliberal #perrynonsense #baffled

Who cares what some dumb local reporter reads off of her teleprompter?

Isn't Rudy the ultimate big tent candidate? How does Joe Pounder's attack fit with her theme of expanding and growing the party? It seems like he was finally given carte blanche to go and make attacks on the internet, but so far they are not in line with her own positions. I don't think Joe Pounder knows who he works for maybe... or maybe he is not paying attention to what Kay is doing. Attacks also have to maintain credibility, and those tags are just not very believable.

Another thing pointed out to me by a tipster... the Kay campaign seems to create a new channel on YouTube for each video they make. This video is hosted at PerryGiuliani2010 (link). They also have several others, each with one or two videos on it... what is that about... does that mean there are lots of people making rogue videos and uploading them?

The fact of the matter is that Rudy Giuliani is a big endorsement for Rick, and it shows that Kay's appeal to moderates may be very overstated. Are conservatives baffled by Rick's endorsement of Rudy? Maybe at the time, maybe not. I think a lot of us would have rather seen Rudy over the ineffective John McCain. There really was no perfect candidate for Republicans in 2008.

Kay may want to oversee her team's internet activities a little bit more because they don't seem to be on message. Rick's team may not always have the right message, but they are much better than Kay's team at staying on message. When Kay's team makes an attack, they should also make sure she is not vulnerable on that issue. They attacked on Rick not wanting a physical border wall to span the entire border, but he is stronger on border security than she is. They attacked on Rudy Giuliani's support for Rick when she has a lot of chumminess with Hillary and Dianne Feinstein and other liberal Democrats... she also couldn't pick Bush over Clinton when asked who was a better president. I just get the feeling like no matter who Kay brings in, it may be impossible for her to overcome her record.

When she moves to the right it looks like pandering. When she doesn't it looks like she is a RINO. She just can't win. Her staff that I know believe she is a micromanager, but how would a hands off attitude be any better?


  1. Yaaaaaawn...

    Oh, you're still writing this?

  2. I heard she had about 10 communications workers on her campaign. The same person told me she thought one of those 10 was trying to jump ship to the Perry campaign...

    Aside from the obvious statement that they're doing a horrible job, she has too many cooks in the kitchen. If she alone can't stay on message (if she ever gets one) how does she expect 10 Washington hacks to do it?


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