Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some discussion about yellow dogs and blue dogs...

A lot of people on Kay's side make hay about Rick being a Democrat in the 1980s... how could anyone be a Democrat in the 1980s?

Some of you younger peeps and Yanks might not realize this, but we were almost all Democrats in Texas. You had conservative ones and liberal ones. Phil Gramm was a Democrat. Rick was too...

A tipster sent in this blog which sums up what a lot of Texans think about Republicans and Democrats...

If you wanted to get elected in Texas you had to be a Democrat. Then miracle of Miracles happened. A history professor from a small college in Wichita Falls took his conservative thoughts to the people of Texas. There was a special election and John Tower, all 5 foot 7 inches of him, won the election. We had a Republican in Washington. He was followed by Phil Gramm, another professor. Phil was teaching at Texas A&M and very conservative. The yeller dawg wall was pulled down. I’m not sure but I think President George W. Bush was our first Republican Governor in ages. We had sterling governors like Ann Richards, Mark White, Dolph Brisco and the farmer from west Texas whose name slips me. I should remember his name, he just donated 13 million dollars to the University of Texas.

There was a time in Texas you had to be a closet Republican. Admit you cross-dressed, but never that you were a conservative Republican. Now days it’s sorta cool. We have two semi-conservative Senators…I guess I shouldn’t complain, they are better than most of you have. I do like our governor Rick Perry.

In some ways Texas has always been a one party state... we were all Democrats, then we were all Republicans. What really matters is the governing philosophy... Rick may have been a Democrat at one time, but he was always a conservative... Kay may have always been a Republican, but she has mostly been a moderate.

Just like the old days... but with a new label.

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