Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kay for Cash for Clunkers?

Embry's blog this morning was chock full of good stories. Here is another one (link)...

When the Statesman’s Claudia Grisales asked the two U.S. senators from Texas whether they support extending the so-called cash for clunkers program Tuesday, Sen. John Cornyn gave a clear “no.” Hutchison, on the other hand, was noncommittal, saying in a statement, “As we consider whether this program should be extended, how it is paid for is a big issue. If we could revisit the stimulus package and take off some of the spending that is slated for future initiatives, we could cut down on debt and start doing some fiscally responsible things. Then, and only then, we might be able to come to a bipartisan agreement on the ‘cash for clunkers’ program.”

That was exactly the kind of nuanced answer that could cause Hutchison some trouble in a Republican primary debate.

Is she saying she is for it... or not? It sounds like she is trying to justify maybe opposing it, but also trying to justify maybe supporting it...

That is the senatorial response, not the gubernatorial response, which is why Kay is struggling right now. People want a straight answer on things. In the senate, there is no such thing as a straight answer...

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