Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where is Sarah Palin? Rumors that she may move to Texas?

With Palin's official resignation taking place, when is she going to come to Texas and campaign for Rick? Kay's side is playing up Palin's statement that she would campaign for conservatives, even conservative Democrats in primary battles.

Sarah Palin has probably taken a hit somewhat since a year ago, but she is still a rock star and will fill high dollar events for Rick, and fill whatever convention facilities Rick's campaign is willing to pay for...

I think Sarah Palin's philosophy matches Rick's pretty well, especially the pro life thing and the anti Washington thing, and Kay's antagonism of Palin has led to all kinds of backlash in the Palin online community against Kay (link). Excerpt follows...
But let's get down to the serious stuff. We believe Texas has some advantages over our 'big sister" state. For one thing, if you became a Texan, even for just part of each year, we wouldn't hold it against you if you wanted to travel outside of the state. When our politicians leave the state, hardly anyone even notices, much less expresses their outrage over the fact. Shoot, there are some of them that we wish would get out of the state more often, if you catch our drift. And frankly, nothing against Alaskans -- we know they are good people -- we just don't feel that they appreciate you enough. If a small group of liberal bloggers tried that stuff against you here in Texas that we've seen the Alaska-based nutroots community do, we would go all John Wayne on them. We think you have a lot in common with John Wayne. Like the Duke said, the need to apologize for things that were not done wrong is a weakness. We know that there are many in Alaska who appreciate you, but there are many more who would do so in Texas. We're not bragging; it's just a fact. It has to do with the more people per square mile we have down here. And we Texans are very protective of those we love.

Our Republican Party appears to be a different political animal than the one up in Alaska. You seem to have two GOPs there -- The Grand Old Party and the Gallop Over Palin party. Our GOP, although we do have our share of Vichy Republicans, is not like that. Our GOP problem is not so much a good ol' boy network as it is a bad ol' girl network. I'm speaking of course of our Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. By the way, she doesn't seem to like you very much. We think your endorsement of Gov. Perry has brought on a bad case of Palin Derangement Syndrome in her. She has announced that she will not run for another term in the U.S. Senate, as she is challenging Rick Perry for his governor's job. Should you decide to establish a residence down here and run for her Senate seat, you would have a lot of support from Texas conservatives. Your main competition would be Houston Mayor Bill White, a big-time liberal whom you should be able to beat in a walk. We think it would be a delicious irony if you won the seat KBH is vacating. Now that's what we call justice, cowboy poet style! If you have bigger fish to fry and would prefer to run for the White House, that would be all right with us, too. We wouldn't pressure you to do it in 2012. You could wait until 2016 or 2020 if you prefer. And if you would rather not run for anything, we would still love and support you.
Kay's campaign definitely needs to take a step back from any attacks on Sarah, official or anonymous. They aren't doing any good. They just drive more people toward Rick.

On a more serious note, I have heard rumors from a few of my sources now that say Sarah is thinking of moving to Texas because she has family here. One source said that Sarah was in Texas visiting a relative just days before she announced she was resigning as governor of Alaska. Another source said she was meeting secretly with Rick while she was in Texas.

I did not hear about Sarah Palin's Texas trip in the msm, but another person I know who just seems to know everything told me she did indeed visit Texas but did not meet with Rick, just her relatives. One of Rick's peeps didn't seem to know what I was even talking about when I brought it up with her, so maybe there isn't anything to that rumor.

Either way, that would be crazy to have Sarah move to Texas and run for office here. Getting Rick past Kay would be a good first test for her political viability in Texas. If her rallies in Texas last year are any indication, Palin will have no trouble finding friends and allies in this part of the country, even if Alaskans are tired of her.

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