Monday, August 3, 2009

Rick and Kay went to the Hannity concerts over the weekend...

Both Rick and Kay went to the Hannity concerts this weekend. From what I can tell the speeches were short and not against each other in a campaign sense, but I have heard from Rick leaning peeps... not surprisingly... that Rick fired up the crowd and Kay was boring.

I did a little research to validate my sources.

Omar from NBCDFW seems to verify (link). Excerpt follows...

Earlier this week, Hutchison's campaign slipped after it was discovered that certain offensive search terms were hidden on the campaign Web site. Hutchison also recently hired a new campaign manager, adding fuel to the rumor that her campaign is falling apart.

Hutchison disagrees.

"This is just the evolution of a campaign. So, I'm very pleased and upbeat," Hutchison said.

Hutchison and Perry both talked to the crowd, but several attendees said that Perry received more applause on stage.

I also saw on twitter people saying that Rick was the best part of the entire concert... guess it is not too hard to top Billy Ray Cyrus... and that Rick was a lot more energetic and got a lot more applause than Kay.

Rick's peeps have not put out any video that I can find, but I did find this video...

In this era of cell phone video cameras, there have to be more videos out there somewhere... I just can't seem to find them.

Rick's peeps did put out some still pics though... (link).

Rick has great political instincts for the most part and is a good governor, but his fashion sense is terrible. Does he have white paint on his Johnny Cash shirt? Someone get this man a wardrobe consultant stat. For all the Rick peeps reading... and I know you are reading this... Rick's arm sling broken collarbone excuse is getting played out. What is the excuse for this? A black shirt with a splotch of paint on it... did Rick's California trip rub off on his a bit too much? Is he all into Ed Hardy now? Is he trying to get a role on the next MTV reality show...?

Now don't get me started on Kay's fashion sense either, but Rick probably has an easier path to a new wardrobe since he is a man...

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