Sunday, August 9, 2009

How does Bob Ray Sanders have a column?

He somehow compares Rick to George C. Wallace, says he respected George C. Wallace, yet he hopes to be able to respect Rick one day. He also bashes Kay for swinging toward the right (link). Excerpt follows...

Perry has a tough election ahead next year with popular U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison coming home from Washington to oppose him.

The governor is saying things he surely does not believe.

He is telling the anti-Washington, anti-Barack Obama conservative base what it wants to hear in hopes of turning it out in the Republican primary where he feels the election will be won, just like the Democratic primary in Alabama 47 years ago.

Perry has entertained his would-be supporters at anti-federal government "tea parties," laughingly understood their ideas of Texas seceding from the union (again) and has repeatedly invoked the language of the 10th Amendment to oppose the president’s stimulus package and healthcare reform.

This is Texas, by gawd, and the Guv ain’t gonna let none of them no-count, filthy Washington outside agitators mess with it.

Praise the Lord, and pass the spittoon.

I had thought that Hutchison’s decision to enter the race might force Perry to come to his senses to run a credible race with broader appeal, one which would not be a further embarrassment to the state.

Sadly, Hutchison has felt it necessary to take a sharp turn to the right as she, too, tries to court the right wing of the party.

Last month, in denouncing the president’s healthcare plan, the senator explained Texas’ large number of uninsured residents by blaming — guess who?

"We have the highest number of uninsured mostly because of the illegal immigrant population," she said.

When no other issue (or excuse) is handy in a campaign, just say the two magic words: "illegal immigrants."

On the same day last week, before the Senate left for its August recess, Hutchison voted against extending the "cash for clunkers" program and she voted against the nation’s first Hispanic (and third female) justice to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Hutchison earlier announced she would oppose Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination because of the senator’s concerns about gun rights.

Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.

Actually, she was afraid of being opposed by the National Rifle Association in the important primary campaign.

I’m disappointed in Hutchison, but I understand.

Huh? That is what passes for analysis these days? Kay's old spokesman was eager to send a link to this to his twitter account, I guess forgetting the anti Kay part...

Suffice it to say, Sanders doesn't like Republicans very much and does like Obama could have been the title of his column.

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