Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rick goes to church... newspaper writes about it...

I commented on my twitter on Sunday that Rick is going to Israel soon... thanks to Peggy Fikac for that tip. Rick went to the New Life Christian Center on Sunday and drew some parallels between Israel and Texas (link)....

The notion that laws should not be informed by religion is an extreme one, Gov. Rick Perry said Sunday in remarks at a San Antonio church, where he challenged the faithful to “speak up to defend those whose rights are being eroded by an increasingly secular culture.”

The message resonated with church member Dolores Vidaurri, who said God looks out for those who look out for others.

“He wants to protect us,” she said.

Perry said he agreed that government should not tell people which church to attend.

“I totally get that. You know, they're telling us which cars to buy and which lightbulbs to use now. But they ought not be telling us whether we can go to Baptist, Methodist, whichever one,” he said.

“But it is quite different and, I would say, extreme, to say that our laws should not be inspired and informed by the views of the faithful. Freedom of religion is not to be confused with freedom from religion.”

His remarks were warmly received at the New Life Christian Center, which blends Jewish traditions with Christian worship.

Hat tip to GOP12 (link).

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