Thursday, August 6, 2009

Letters to the editor run the gamut...

The Houston Chronicle posts a variety of pro Kay and anti Kay letters to the editor (link)...

Fighting sexism

Regarding Monday's front-page article “‘Kay the invincible' stumbles before reaching the starting line; Perry has reversed her early lead in the polls,” it is apparent that if U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, “Kay,” attempts to defeat Gov. Rick Perry, “Perry,” to become the third woman to serve as governor of Texas, she will have to deal with Texas good ol' boy sexism.

— Lucille Gallman, Houston

Write a book

Kay Bailey Hutchison wants Rick Perry to withdraw from the governor's race so that she can take his place. This is reminiscent of Bill Clinton asking the other Democratic candidates to withdraw from seeking the presidential nomination because it was Hillary's turn. Personally, I would rather have Rick Perry as governor for life than to turn the reins of the state of Texas over to a 16-year Washington insider. Sen. Hutchison should remain in D.C. if she can. If she truly feels the need to return to Texas, she should retire from politics and write a book about how she has helped to fight a losing battle against government growth, waste and corruption for the past decade and a half.

— Rick Fontes, Waller

No to quitters

Texans hate quitters. We never quit, all the way back to the Alamo. I guess Kay Bailey Hutchison, from Dallas, has forgotten her Texas roots in her years in Washington. If she's good enough for governor, then she's good enough to finish her term in Washington and then run for governor. She was elected to serve in the Senate. What selfish people we have in office.

— Honi Boudreaux, Houston

A pox on both

In regard to “Race for governor: When is she in?; Hutchison tells Perry to quit now so she can stay in her Senate seat until later” (Page A1, Thursday), I was very happy to read that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is considering giving up her seat in the U.S. Senate to run against Rick Perry in the primary for governor of Texas. Now when true Texas conservatives turn out to vote for Debra Medina in the Republican primary, they can kill two birds with one stone!

— Edgard T. Payne, Houston

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