Friday, June 11, 2010

Bill White completely off his game...

Bill White is rattled (link). Excerpt follows...

Governor Rick Perry says Bill White should drop out of the gubernatorial race if he can't clear up allegations he profited from Hurricane Rita. Today White is doing just that.

Bill White says that Governor Rick Perry is clouding the issue with lies and falsehoods.

"He's well known for slash and burn type politics to keep himself in office perpetually through his political career," White said.

White explained that what Perry calls 'profiting from Hurricane Rita' was in reality an effort to respond to an emergency by recommending a company called BTEC to help supply temporary power to the coastal water authority. A year later he did invest in BTEC and turned a profit. He says the two are unrelated.

"It's a good company," White said. "I've been in the power business before. I was on the board of the NERC. I liked their business plan and I made an investment in that company."

White says BTEC was one of many energy related investments he made as mayor. And that Perry is twisting the facts to draw attention away from his own mismanagement as a career politician.

"The governor doesn't want to be accountable for his own record as a state employee," White said.

It doesn't matter if BTEC is a good company or not. Bill White profited from directing city business while mayor toward that company. The dots are not that difficult to connect...

Bill White is really rattled... you can tell his peeps are rattled too...

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