Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Texans for Public Justice is a shady liberal trial lawyer front group... no wonder they are filing frivolous complaints...

Calling TPJ or Texans for Public Justice simply a "watchdog group" is absolutely misleading. They are a front group for Democrats, funded by frivolous lawsuit loving trial lawyers (link). Excerpt follows...

(AUSTIN, TX) Texans for Public Justice calls itself a non-partisan watchdog group that focuses on political campaign contributions in Texas, but the only contributions publicly reported on their 2005 tax filing came from some of those big political campaign contributors they claim to be monitoring -- personal injury trial lawyers.

TPJ has long refused to disclose their funders, but their 2005 tax report reveals that three high-profile personal injury trial lawyer firms “Baron & Budd and Silber Pearlman, LLP in Dallas and Williams Bailey, LLP in Houston -- gave a total of $50,000 dollars to the organization last year, almost a third of the total organizational budget. TPJ did not report the source of the additional $107,000 in contributions they collected.

TPJ is not a credible party to file a complaint. Treating them like an objective watch dog group is liberal msm bias in action...

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  1. Care to address the charge they made?

    You're really in full-on shoot-the-messenger mode today, aren't you? I thought you were going to be on vacation?


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