Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outlier PPP poll not credible...

PPP has a poll out showing Rick tied with Bill White 43-43 (link). Yeah right is all I have to say.

PPP was consistently way off course on its polls during the primary between Rick and Kay (link).

PPP is a liberal poll of course... and it has a horrible track record in recent Texas elections... they wildly inflated Medina, had Rick at around 39 or 40 percent the entire time... basically they sucked. A joke is putting it mildly.

At one point they even had Kay up by 25 points, which was always a joke.

Simply put, don't buy this poll. Rick as I have predicted all along will win by about 10 despite any poll along the way saying it is tied or Rick is up by 20.


  1. Rasmussen was pretty much spot-on during the primary, with one blip in September.

    So was the Texas Tribune University of Texas poll-- spot on. PPP as you say was awful.

  2. Total lies.

    In February, PPP had a 6-point spread. Same as Rasmussen, same as TX Newspapers.

  3. Texas Poll WatcherJune 22, 2010 at 12:52 PM

    Phillip Martin total lies. At least he admits it.

  4. PPP's numbers are clearly far from every other poll in this race, as was the case during the primary between Rick, Kay, and Debra Medina.

  5. PPP also didn't wildly inflate Medina. They showed her tracking as high as 24%, until Perry's team called up Glenn Beck's team and had them smash her up. Even with that, Medina still finished with 18%, and managed to organize a new RPT chair during Perry's "unity" convention.

    The average of all polls still shows Perry with a 7-point lead. I don't know why you won't just highlight that fact instead of discrediting a reputable polling firm.


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