Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is just sad...high school kids try to organize debate... but Bill White won't release his taxes...

It looks like Bill White has settled in on not releasing his taxes. Until he does that Rick is refusing to debate him. Ergo... there will not be any debates.

Some high school kids were trying to organize a gubernatorial debate (link). Excerpt follows...
The Coronado High School students at the KFOX studios on Saturday weren't even old enough to vote, but that's not keeping them from getting involved in the political process.

"What better than a gubernatorial debate held here at a high school, and run and completely youth generated by students and by other youth in the community," said Rachel Jackson, a junior at the school.

They've already decided to have the debate in September at the 1,000-seat fine arts auditorium at Coronado High School. They have the Texas Association of Broadcasters signed on to broadcast it statewide, and young people can submit questions for the candidates via their Facebook page.
Sad that it won't happen. Maybe they can start a letter writing campaign to Bill White to try to get him to release his taxes...

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