Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peggy Fikac proves why msm reporters shouldn't give politicians advice...

Talk about tone deaf and in her own liberal bubble (link). Excerpt follows...

USTIN — The EPA's crackdown on Texas' air-quality regulation might seem like a gift to Democrat Bill White, but Gov. Rick Perry is seizing on the mess as a way to tie him to what the Republican portrays as big, bad federal government.
Uh... hello? This is a total gift to Rick... this issue will hurt Bill White in a huge way. Texas has cleaner air under Rick's regime... and people... especially independents... reflexively and reactively hate any encroachment of Washington onto Texas. Bill White being tied to Washington forced job loss in Texas... being tied to Obama... this is a total gift to Rick.

The MSM really is filled with fools...

Makes you wonder about all that advice the msm has been giving to Bill White lately... how worth a crap is it really?

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