Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rick signs peace treaty with coyote from the San Antonio Spurs...

Funny (link). Excerpt follows...

Governor Rick Perry made an attempt at peace with coyotes throughout Texas, and even the world when he signed a peace treaty with the San Antonio Spurs mascot at a Valero event.

He made the announcement through his Twitter account.

After weeks of protests from the coyote community, Perry felt intense pressure from animal rights groups, the media and even domesticated dogs everywhere to make amends for shooting a coyote during one of his morning jogs in February. He claims to have been protecting his daughter's dog, but the coyote community says the two canines were about to make friends and only wanted to sniff each other's privates. The shooting was unnecessary and even caused tension between the domestic dog and coyote communities, a coyote spokesperson said.

The coyote community was even more upset after Texans began celebrating the exact weapon (a Ruger .38) Perry used to shoot the defenseless animal.

It just added insult to injury, the coyote spokesperson added.

This coyote thing is going to follow Rick the rest of his life it seems... people just won't let it go.

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