Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bill White's stupid hat...

Bill White's stupid hat is everywhere... it is on Twitter for Bill White Facts... on Liberal Bill White... I see pictures of that all over the place...

Now Ken Herman has noticed what other peeps have obviously noticed (link). Excerpt follows...

There is bad news for Texas Democrats. Their gubernatorial candidate, Bill White, trailing GOP Gov. Rick Perry in the polls, has beeen reunited with his beloved Stetson Open Road hat.

Why is this bad news for Democrats? The top photo at the left is why.

I'm no expert, but is this a good look for White? Some folks say it makes him look like (fill in name of country bumpkin). I don't know, but it is a look that might inspire an undecided voter to decide White looks more goobernatorial than gubernatorial.

Let's take a look at the second photo at the left and seek a second opinion.

Hey, Marques Harper, American-Statesman fashion writer, does this hat work for White?

"Nope. It doesn't," Harper ruled.

I guess you can chalk this up as more unsolicited advice for Bill White... the only topic that the mainstream media wants to talk about...

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