Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scott O'Grady was right... Bill White should apologize...

Great blog from Disrupt the Narrative (link). Excerpt follows...

So we have this fella named Bill White who’s running for governor of Texas. Problem is, he’s a Democrat, and they’re out of step with the people of the state. They haven’t won a statewide race in forever and they’re losing their grip on what they do have. So Bill White, a liberal, has to pose as a moderate or moderate-enough Democrat to fool enough people into thinking that he’s not yet another socialist and radical of the left who has weird attitudes.

This will not help his cause one bit. Here’s what he said.

…Bill White stated his support for military voters’ right to vote in local elections and described his support by saying, “Military voters have every right to vote where their children are enrolled in school. Military personnel should be allowed to cast ballots in local elections that determine city or county taxes, police and fire protection, etc.”

Yeah, uh-huh. That “strong support” would end up making it so that military members, who move around a lot and often find themselves overseas, would not be able to vote in local elections. That part about “children are enrolled in school” gives the game away because, a) many military members are single so that doesn’t apply to them and b) many military members have their families with them wherever they’re stationed, but may otherwise have deep and longstanding ties to Texas.

But rather than wade into the minutiae here, there’s a more basic question that ought to be asked: Who the hell does Bill White think he is, to be talking about putting any limits at all on military voting rights? Answer: He’s a liberal Democrat, and they’ve long had a problem with military voting in Texas. It goes all the way back to 1997, when the Dems lost a local race they thought they owned. In a precursor or sorts to Bush v Gore 2000, the Democrats tried suing their way to victory by challenging military votes. And Bill White supported the effort – he was Texas Democrat Party chairman at the time. He also defended Democrat efforts to get this anti-military attitude written into Texas law. That’s all in the linked story.

So when Bill White says now that he’s a strong supporter of the military, the truth is, he’s a strong supporter of denying the military their full rights as citizens. He’s a strong supporter of using lawsuits and such to game the electoral system. But he’s not a strong supporter of the military. At all. He’s just another liberal Democrat, like the rest of ‘em.

Bill White... you gave the wrong answer man... wrong answer...

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