Friday, June 4, 2010

Top 19 examples of egregiously biased media so far in Rick versus Bill....

In some ways Rick vs. Kay has turned into a blog about media bias. Maybe because... well... the MSM is really biased. The numbers don't lie (link). Excerpt follows...

For the week ending Sunday, March 28, 2010, 79.5% of the media mentions for White were positive, and only 20.5% were negative.

For Perry, during the same time frame, the coverage was far more mixed: 45.6% of the media mentions were positive, and 54.4% were negative.

Here are the top 19 since March 2 of biased media coverage...
  1. The New York Times reports on a "Republican" for Bill White who is really a local Democrat activist in Odessa (link).
  2. PolitiFactTexas verifies Bill White's debt claim as "true" without looking at any context while criticizing Rick's 100% true claim about Houston debt as "half true" (link).
  3. The whole "may be an Act of God" kerfuffle (link).
  4. PolitiFactTexas calls Rick's claim about Bill White's shady business deals "half true" even though its own reporting verifies Rick's claim... with a special emphasis on their utter ignorance about geography (link).
  5. The sensationalized rehash of the rehash of the old story about Rick staying in a rental house while the arson burned governor's mansion is rebuilt (link).
  6. The Dallas Morning News reports on a "Republican" for Bill White who is really an Obama loving Democrat supporting "progressive" activist (link).
  7. Media outlets try to stoke controversy and racial tension about Rick's peeps using a goofy picture of Bill White with Yao Ming (link).
  8. The press almost completely ignore the Democrat Maslin poll showing Rick up by 13 and the Texas Research poll showing Rick up by 16 (link).
  9. Rick Derangement Syndrome rears its ugly head in some of the reporting on the coyote shooting incident (link).
  10. Rick praised for "Spartan" use for state airplanes by Texas Watchdog, but nobody in the media cares to report on it (link).
  11. PolitiFactTexas calling Rick's verifiably true claim about Texas requesting a federal health care waiver so it can run its own program, "false" (link).
  12. PolitiFactTexas calling Rick's verifiably true claim about Texas requesting federal troops on the border, "half true" (link).
  13. PolitiFactTexas calls Rick's claim about the msm not covering his 10th Amendment press conference "false" even though essentially nobody covered it until his own video of it hit big on Drudge and YouTube (link)...
  14. R.G. Ratcliffe uses a poll Texans' negative views about the national economy to write an entire article about how Texans are souring on the Texas economy and how that is trouble for Rick (link).
  15. The Green Party turns in enough signatures to be on the ballot... yet unlike say Debra Medina or a libertarian candidate who hurts Rick the press barely mentions the Green Party which hurts Bill White (link).
  16. Story after story about how Rick is rejecting federal money but taking other federal money ("hypocrite!") without mentioning that Texas is a donor state or mentioning that the money Rick rejected had nasty federal strings attached (link).
  17. MSM covers an endorsement from a specific company's union when they pick Bill White despite failing to report on the numerous endorsements Rick has received (link).
  18. Houston Chronicle activist/editorialist Lisa Falkenberg writes piece after piece as if she were a volunteer within the Bill White campaign (link).
  19. Practically every column and article morphs into free advice for Bill White on how to take down Rick, with special emphasis on all of the perceived flaws of Rick (link).

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