Monday, May 3, 2010

Dropout and teenage pregnancy rates and the Rick versus Bill White campaign...

The New York Times is helping Bill White get more out of state money... trying to make it look like the race is close and that he has Republican support which is not true (link). Excerpt follows...

Some Republicans are giving Mr. White a look.

Javier Joven, 44, the owner of a roofing company in Odessa, Tex., showed up at an event to meet Mr. White. He said that Mr. Perry had not taken the high school dropout rate and teenage-pregnancy problems seriously, and that Mr. White had. “His opportunity to win is just as good as Perry’s,” Mr. Joven said. “It’s just an anti-incumbent year.”

Javier Joven... I had a feeling that this guy was no "Republican" as the New York Times leads you to believe. Sure thing... he is not one. On Facebook, he is the favored choice of the Odessa Talk radio program, which is a liberal group. Mr. Joven also gets on this page and expresses his support for liberal talk radio (link)...

The Ector County Democrats also list Javier Joven as one of their candidates (link). In other words the New York Times found a guy and pretended he was a Republican to support their story... sort of like Gromer Jeffers did and I exposed (link).

As for the reasons this alleged Republican supports Bill White, people can believe whatever they want to believe... but they can't make up facts.

Teen pregnancy is definitely an area that Rick can point to real results on (link)...
Since Texas began promoting abstinence-based education, teen pregnancies are down 24%, teen abortions have dropped by 41%, and teen births are down 22%.
As for the dropout rate... the number Bill White uses... which is actually the attrition rate not the real dropout rate... has been falling under Rick's tenure (link). Excerpt follows...
Using Bill White's figures, the attrition rate has fallen from 39% around when Rick took office to 31% now.

Attrition obviously means a lot of things. It means home schoolers... it means people who graduated early or a semester or more late... it means peeps who quit public school to attend private school or boarding school or military school... it means kids who died or maybe moved abruptly out of state or back to their home countries such as Mexico... it means a lot of things... it doesn't mean the dropout rate. For Bill White to use that number means he is either not very intelligent or he is purposely misleading the media and the voters... the msm has played his game and not called him out yet.

Three takeaways from this blog.

1. I would make a bet that a lot of other "Republican" people interviewed in the New York Times story are strong Democrats... just like Gromer Jeffers and his made up "Republicans" who are really just liberal activists who support Bill White...

2. The dropout rate is nowhere near 30%. If you believe the attrition rate is the dropout rate, it has been cut by a fifth since Rick took office.

3. Teen pregnancy, abortions, and teen births are all down in Texas in recent years.

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  1. This is a major media scandal in my opinion.


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