Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bill White moves sharply to the left...

Down by double digits in the polls, Bill White is trying to make something happen... and he is moving sharply to the left on environmental issues and border issues.

On the environment... Bill White has chosen to side with the Obama administration, the EPA, and the environmental movement instead of the wise move which would be protecting Texas jobs and saying the federal government is overreaching in a recent nationalization junta takeover type of action of the Texas refinery permitting process (link). Excerpt follows...
Democrat Bill White is pinning this squarely on his rival in the gubernatorial race. “Because of Rick Perry's mismanagement of the state's environmental agency, our state is now losing our ability to make our own decisions about air quality and the economy,“ White said in a statement. “While Perry will likely try to make this into a partisan issue, the truth is that the state was repeatedly warned, beginning in 2007 under President Bush, that its permitting program violated the law that granted Texas the authority to issue air pollution permits.”
On border issues... Bill White opposes National Guard troops to secure the border (link).

Will the press notice? Bill White making moves to the left... realizing that he is not making traction with Republicans I guess...

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