Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rick unifying party... congealing support from Kay supporters...

We knew this would happen eventually despite the animosity during the primary... Republicans just don't jump over to support liberal attorneys just because their moderate choice was beaten by a conservative. The vast bulk of Kay supporters are going to support Rick. That is just how primaries go. Having a March primary gives you several months to bring your peeps home.

Gromer Jeffers covers this story (link). Excerpt follows...
Hutchison supporters raising funds for Perry

Some of U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's biggest local supporters are now helping Rick Perry's re-election campaign.

On Wednesday, Dallas developer Harlan Crow, who supported Hutchison's failed effort for governor, is hosting a fundraiser for Perry at his mansion.

The host committee for the event includes Dallas Cowboys legend and businessman Roger Staubach, also a major Hutchison supporter. Businessmen Louis Beecherl and Ray Hunt are co-hosting the reception.

Perry beat Hutchison in the March 2 Republican primary. He faces former Houston Mayor Bill White in November.

White, a Democrat, has been trying to woo Hutchison supporters and independents for his campaign.

But Wednesday's fundraising shows that most of Hutchison's North Texas base is rallying behind Perry.

It is somewhat interesting that Mr. Jeffers is the one to cover this story since he is the one who used an 18 year old activist Obama supporting Charlie Crist loving "progressive" in a story of his and pretended he was a Republican for Bill White. This really should have been a moderate media scandal (link).

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