Thursday, May 27, 2010

Attention R.G. Ratcliffe... time to admit your error...

A few weeks ago R.G. Ratcliffe wrote about how Texans are viewing the state's economy more poorly and therefore that will be trouble for Rick against Bill White... basically he used it as a pretext for a whole lengthy diatribe about how Bill White is great and Rick sucks...

I pointed out that he was using faulty numbers. Texans were upset about the national economy... not the state economy, and I showed evidence backed by numbers of this in two of my blogs (link) (link).

Still R.G. wrote not only a blog he wrote an article that appeared in print... all based on a faulty premise. If anything the real data played right into Rick's strengths and Bill White's weaknesses, not the other way around.

Now there is more hard evidence that Texans' views of the nation and Texans' views of Texas diverge significantly (link). Excerpt follows from the Texas Tribune...

The Texas electorate is all about Us and Them. Saying things are better in here than they are in Washington, voters think the rest of the country should look to the state as a model of how things ought to work, according to the new University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

Sixty-two percent of 800 registered voters surveyed say the country is on the wrong track, while only 27 percent say it's on the right track. But the state knows where its going and what its doing, they say: 45 percent believe it's on the right track and 38 percent think it's on the wrong track.

Texans are glum about the national economy, with 32 percent saying it's "a lot worse off" than a year ago and another 15 percent saying it's "somewhat worse off." About 28 percent say the country is better off, and 24 percent say it's about the same.

They feel better about themselves and their families, with 42 percent saying they're doing about as well as they were a year ago and another 20 percent saying things are better now. Twenty-five percent say they're personally "somewhat worse off" and 13 percent say they're a lot worse off.

Asked to list the most important problems facing the country, voters said the economy (22 percent put it first), federal spending/national debt (18 percent), unemployment/jobs (14 percent) and political leadership/corruption (13 percent). The most important problems facing the state? Immigration (23 percent), border security (18 percent), unemployment/jobs (12 percent) and the economy (11 percent).

One last point... 58 percent of voters say Texas government is a good model for other states to follow; only 30 percent disagree.

R.G. Ratcliffe, time to admit you were really really wrong before and that you probably jumped to a conclusion based on wishful thinking.

The msm doesn't do that though... man... this blog is turning into a mainstream media bias blog isn't it? There is so much new evidence every day...

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  1. RG is biased. They are all biased. I wish they would all hurry and go out of business.


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