Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Bill White is not really changing the game...

More free advice from a Bill White supporter (link). Excerpt follows...
But so far, White's not hitting the governor—he's jabbing him, and leaving no marks. He hasn't come up with a single anti-Perry phrase that we'll all soon get sick of hearing, but that will resonate in voters' minds come November. Instead he's making cogent arguments, laying out facts, and generally acting as though voters are rational beings and Texas is some kind of Platonic ideal of democracy. If only. Winning in Texas means winning at gut-level politics.

This Tuesday headline from The Austin American-Statesman summed up the trouble pretty well, as it tried to sum up White's latest "hit": "White seeks to tie Perry stimulus refusal to higher business jobless taxes." That'll get people up in arms!

Then, also on Tuesday, there was a press release from White's campaign hitting back after Perry defended his refusal to take unemployment-benefits money from that evil empire called Washington. It made some sensible if predictable points. The headline and subhead:

"Rick Perry not accountable to Texas taxpayers
Incumbent's diversions result in tax increases"

That's an attack? Wake me when it's over.
Bill White's supporters seem to have a lot of advice... will he take any of it?

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