Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Metro Gate heats up... Bill White getting burned...

Jason Embry picks up on the drumbeat of Houston Metro Gate stories that Rick is trying to pin on Bill White (link). Excerpt follows...

One of Houston Mayor Annise Parker's most visible goals since taking office in January has been to shake up the agency that oversees buses, rail and other forms of transit in and around the city.

Parker's criticisms of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (known as Metro to those who speak Houston) have been music to the ears of Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who is trying to hold off a November challenge from Parker's predecessor, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White.

Through press statements and Web videos and under the predictable mantra of "Metrogate," Perry's team has packaged Parker's criticisms with a series of unflattering stories about the agency in the Houston media in an effort to question White's managerial acumen.

White's campaign boasts often that Houstonians re-elected him mayor by huge margins in 2005 and 2007. But widespread criticism of Metro over the past couple of years — amplified by Parker — could present a chink in his political armor.

A well researched and well written article... go read the entire thing if you have time... it really is amazing the litany of problems Metro in Houston had under Bill White's tenure. Then again most Metro operations across the country are bloated and ineffective at using tax payer money...

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