Friday, May 28, 2010

Bill White has some serious problems...

Down by 9 in the latest Texas Tribune poll, the top line numbers in these polls are bad for Bill White no doubt (link). What is even worse is the regional performance of Bill White in some areas, as well as the racial and ethnic break downs...

First the regional angle (link). Excerpt follows...
As might be expected, White is doing best in his home base of Houston, though not overwhelmingly. Perry, on the other hand, is somewhat ahead in the Metroplex, while the two are neck-and-neck in the Austin and San Antonio areas. But Perry is clobbering White among Texans from “everywhere else.”
Perry holds a decisive lead among voters in each of these county types, including metropolitan counties. Perry’s lead among residents of metropolitan counties is even more impressive when we consider that this category includes respondents from predominantly Hispanic border counties such as El Paso, Cameron, and Webb, which are overwhelmingly Democratic. On the other hand, Perry’s lead among residents of micropolitan and non-core counties is huge. Truly rural voters aren’t the only reason that Perry is leading White among voters from the rest of the state, but they clearly play a role.
More than this... Bill White is only getting 69% of black voters and 43% of Hispanic voters... and he is already losing the female vote... he may end up winning 80% or 90% of black voters, but they are such a small portion of voters especially in midterm elections I doubt that will make much of a difference in the end.

He isn't catching on, and his personal attacks about a governor living in a governor's mansion are not working. Imagine if that line of attack was working... every governor of every state lives in a mansion of some kind paid for by public funds. You would already see this attack catching on around the country if it made any sense...


  1. This post is really desperate. Anyone who thinks Bill White and Rick Perry are tied in the Austin area needs to get their head examined.

  2. THIS POST MAKES MY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bill White, thanks for playing but you can now join the many other morons who thought they could beat Rick Perry! See ya White!

    And Phillip, anyone who looks at the graph and reads the link then tells someone else they need to have their head examined, is the desperate one.

  3. Bill White bwhahahahahahahahaha

  4. Phillip Martin is the desperate one.

  5. You may want to point out the disastor programs Bill White implemented while Mayor of Houston.
    1 He spent millions on downtown traffic light syncronization. The lights are back as bad or worse than before.
    2. He authorized a scheme to provide wireless communations to Houston. It didn't work
    3. He set up the red light program against voter approval to provide a revenue stream for the City of Houston.
    4. He spent tons of money setting up a tow program for Houston's freeways. It didn't work and people are back fixing flats and taking care of breakdowns as before.
    5. All the above and a deficit of $100M left behind for the citizens of Houston to swallow. God help that he should do the same to Texas.


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