Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rick takes big lead in Maslin poll...

Quorum Report has the scoop... I won't reveal what is behind the pay wall, but I will say that the number is out, and it shows Rick up 52-39 over Bill White. Excerpt follows...


Horse race questions followed sample on nuclear waste disposal site in Andrews County

Gov. Rick Perry holds a solid lead over challenger Bill White, a telephone survey of likely November voters conducted last month by prominent national Democratic pollster shows.

The horserace questions on the fall matchup between the Republican Perry and Democrat White were part of poll by Paul Maslin taken April 6-11 to measure support for expanding a low-level radioactive waste dumpsite in Andrews County.

The results relating to the proposed dump expansion were released late last month; the poll’s internal questions and demographic information on the respondents were sent out yesterday.

The Maslin poll is a very liberal poll, and they did their best to push people toward being angry about nuclear waste going through their front yards to the dump site in Andrews... but Rick's lead shrunk but held up even after pushing on negative questions...

My prediction... is a double digit lead but it depends on which third parties are in to shake things up... a third party in this environment could draw several percent or more but that would take away from both Rick and Bill White to a degree and it may also be voters who wouldn't have voted for either... but that is a long way off and we don't know who if anyone may emerge... either way Rick by at least 10 in the end is my guess...


  1. I agree. Bill White won't crack more than 45 at best, and that's only if he is lucky.

  2. Perry-56
    White-44 more likely result in November.


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